Got Auntie Marnie stuck in a clam-hole. She’s 77. Read on…

It’s illegal to “harvest” over 100 clams, per person, per day in New Brunswick.

I’d like to see you eat 100 clams. I would enjoy watching you try.

Nevertheless, I thought:

“She’s had a bit of health troubule the last few years. Had a few changes recently. She deserves to go have some fun.”

…and away we went. Her in her big floppy hat and sandals and me in my MEC hiking shoes; both of us with our little pails. We were cute. Until…

Good God! She was crossing the tidal ponds and didn’t she get her feet, both of ’em!, stuck knee-deep in the shallows!! OMG!! I couldn’t help it. I started to laugh. Then she started to laugh and we both just about pee’d ourselves laughing.

Good Jesus, if the cancer couldn’t have killed her, it looked likely that I might!

Although I have been endeavouring to win the award for “World’s Worst Nephew”, it seems as though I may have been unfairly snubbed again this year. I mean…wouldn’t you agree I should at least get a nod for Effort?

Well, she’s about 77 I suppose and still kickin’. She’s just down the road and I’d love for you to meet her. Maybe she’ll offer to take you clam-digging.

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