Our Objectives


The land itself is an open space that’s been given over to nature for the better part of a decade. We’re hoping to keep the former cattle farm in it’s current natural state.

40 foot x 60 foot sites have been designed to limit our impact to the land, reduce traffic and allow for an atmosphere of tranquility.

The wild flowers attract the wild birds. We would like to preserve this arrangement by limiting the amount of development in the park.


We are situated directly on the waters of the Baie des Chaleurs/Chaleur Bay.

We are linked to the world famous NB Trail system via 100s of groomed trails.

We are, literally, between the land and the sea. Several beaches are within a 10 minute drive. Trout fishing in Teague’s Lake is another 10 min. Dig your own clams 25 minutes down the road.


We believe the quality of your attendants/owners/guides is as valuable as the quality of your surroundings.

Born and raised in NB. Educated in Peterborough, ON.

Married couple raising our son and pursuing our dream.

We have lived everywhere from Inuvik, NWT to San Salvador, El Salvador.

We want you to experience a Quality of Life that only Northern New Brunswick can offer.

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