Local Sights and Sounds

Nature, in the common sense, refers to essences unchanged by man; space, the air, the river, the bay. 

These photos are of a smallish ‘acreage’ that is fully wooded, lightly manicured and directly on the Baie des Chaleurs; a cliffside clearing for your camping pleasure.

You can camp on your own private 1/2 acre, group rates are very favorable and cyclists are always welcome. Lobster dinner, on site and continental breakfast, delivered, are offerings to make your stay more civilized. Firewood, gratis.

….on a Ferry? Yes, indeed. Cape Breton to NFD 7 -16 hours at the mouth of the Atlantic

Take a Ferry. It is a serene and magnificent way to glide through the coastlines.

also, shortest way to NFLD is via NB, to Cape Breton then on the ferry to NFLD.

Open Public (gratis) beaches 12 minutes away. Beautiful, clean sand

3 minutes from Clearwater Resorts is a secret world of sandstone. Once world-reknown, it is now all but forgotten (except for excellent, fresh, cheap lobster!)

notice the ladder?

Geological explorers are now scouring the coastline for fossil evidence. You can see why…

Clearwater RV Park Sits Directly on the Bay. Please keep your fingers and toes within the Park at all times. We assume no responsibility for the sharp fall…

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